• Vibration and ground borne noise
  • Noise
  • Climate
  • Light & shades
  • Air quality
  • Climate- and enerrgy strategy
  • Seismicity
  • Electromagnetc fields


With the help of heavy hydraulic vibration exciter, we simulate vibrations from various sources (rail, road, subway, etc.) and create vibration forecasts and design mitigation measures for vibration reduction.

Building sector

  • Building physics
  • Monitoring (vibration, noise, air)
  • Acceptance measurements
  • Tenders
  • Site supervision
  • Building control
  • Health & safety

Blast Technology

Creation of explosive concepts to low-vibration blasting in tunnels, galleries, mining and demolition. Advice for authorities as well as acceptance measurements.

Measurement engineering

STCE owns one of the largest measurement tool park in Austria. 

Research and Development

We participate in national as well as international research and development projects.


  • Design of mitigation measures (Vibration, noise, dust)
  • Advice of authorities and decision makers.
  • Organizing training courses andseminars for authorities, technicians.
  • Expert in authority procedures.


  • geotechnical calculations
  • geotechnical supervision
  • consulting and optimizing
  • geotechnical measurements
  • FE calculations