Building sector

  • Building physics
    Planning, measurement and verification of building physical parameters such as vibration protection, noise protection, impact sound insulation, etc.
  • Site Supervision
    Monitor vibration, noise and air quality during major construction projects
  • Preservation of evidence
    Preservation of evidence and monitoring measurements
  • Acceptance measurements
    Acceptance measurements after commissioning to determine the proper planning and execution.
  • Tenders
    Creation of tenders and tender examination for the client
  • Site Supervision 
  • Construction workcoordination
    Health and safety engineering for all kind of construction works
  • Controlling and Consulting Services

Services in the construction industry sector

  • Building construction(new construction, renovation, expansion)
  • Civil Engineering
  • Demolition work
  • Transportation infrastructure(rail, road)
  • Tunneling
  • Power Plant construction