For  more than 40 years Steinhauser Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH provides its clients with expertise and know how in the whole environmental and construction section. Based on the core technology vibration all emission regions such as noise, air quality, climate, but also environmental impact assessment (EIA) as well as construction-related fields of activity such as building physics, site supervision, Safety & health, etc. have been developed over the years. We now offer a comprehensive range of services for the benefit of customers and bring all the results from research and development into our work.

Time line

1968 First expert opinions about vibration at Univ. of Vienna
1973 Office founding Univ.Prof.Dr.Peter Steinhauser
1993 Development of VibroScan method
1998 Development of SoilDyn method
2005 new vibration exciter
2005 Entry of DI Wolfgang Steinhauser
2009 Development of Vibragraph Sotware
2009 Development of ViMo Online Vibration Monitoring
2011 Founding of Steinhauser Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH


Compliance standards of STCE
STCE conduct its business activities strictly in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Economic success and customer satisfaction are key elements to ensure  corporate success of STCE. This custom made standard includes the following rules:
  • Any form of misconduct such as fraudulent, corrupt, collusive, coercive or obstructive practices will not be tolerated in any way.
  • It is forbidden to provide business partners with, or to accept any form of gifts, which may influence decision making.
  • Misbehaviour of employees or management are not tolerable.
  • obligation to confidentiality (according to ZTG)
  • Reportanymisconductto the managementorthe business partner.